Inaugural Reception Invitation

Dear All:

I write to you with heavy concern and sense of responsibility. Now, more than ever, we need to not just speak out in defense of the true message of Islam but also to build a strong united Muslim front.

With the changing social and political climate, Muslims in the US are feeling more fearful and apprehensive.

Being at the forefront of Muslim advocacy, let me assure you that the rising tide of Islamophobia in the US is actually real and rapidly rising further with several examples in our own state in the last few days alone.

It is only a matter of time until more and more of us in Alabama actually experience some of this hate first hand. It is therefore important that each and every one of you help us in our efforts

  • to continue to do everything we can to prevent violent extremist thought from entering our community.

  • to vigorously voice the true message of Islam and make a clear distinction between it and the ideology of Daesh and its supporters.

  • to unite among ourselves and build a strong network.

  • to reach out to our friends in the non-Muslim community, civil rights groups, interfaith partners, media, government agencies, civic leaders, and law enforcement.

Finally, stand with us , be patient, confront hate with courage, fight bigotry with wisdom, and have clarity of purpose. 

Please take extra precautions in the upcoming days and report any incidents first to law enforcement and then to CAIR-AL. 

CAIR-Alabama is only as strong as its supporters. Please understand that we need an organization like CAIR-Alabama now more than ever to protect civil liberties and advocate on behalf of Muslims.

I urge you to join CAIR-AL on Saturday 12/12 on our inaugural reception at Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. 

Register and get your ticket by clicking on the link. 


Khaula Hadeed
Executive Director

EventsCAIR Alabama