Dear Friend,

Assalamu alaikum (Peace be upon you). CAIR-Alabama's First Annual Banquet was a testament to how Alabamian Muslims come together as one community, and a heartwarming reminder that we have many neighbors who stand with us in solidarity. Over 250 guests from across Alabama and beyond came to show their support for Muslim civil rights and advocacy. We asked some of them to share the reasons why they support CAIR-Alabama.

The funds raised will be used toward projects guided by CAIR-Alabama's vision to be a leading advocate for justice and mutual understanding. Our guest, "The Muaddhin" Jameel Syed, reminded us that prevention is better than a cure. With that in mind, projects for the next year include building coalitions with other organizations, expanding outreach throughout Alabama, preparing future leaders through youth programs, and enhancing the understanding of Islam and Muslims through proactive media engagement. Our community faces tough challenges ahead in fighting for justice and equal rights. We are stronger in our resolve to protect civil liberties and to provide free assistance to those who need it most due to harassment, bullying, discrimination, FBI visits, profiling, and more.

We thank the banquet sponsors, every donor and attendee, and the community at large for your support, without which CAIR-Alabama would not be able to do its important work.



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