YWCA Social Justice Program


If you are interested or looking for ways to give back to the community, consider participating in the upcoming YW social justice leadership program. 

Social Justice programs at the YWCA are currently looking for people, particularly people of the Muslim faith, to help staff their social justice leadership program this summer. 

Staff positions are volunteer and part of Anytown Alabama Internship and Social Justice Leadership Certification Program. Internships take place during the June 5-11 with extensive training May 28, 29, and June 4.
More information can also be found on their website

 Although the application deadline has passed, YW has specifically reached out to us because they are in need of more male staff applicants.

"Diversity is important to us and we strive to have a staff that reflects the real world in which we live in. We also recognize the importance of having Muslim staff members to serve as role models and allies to our Muslim student delegates. It is VERY important to us to have some Muslim representation at camp to build allies and better relations for one another in our community," says Rebecca Harkless Co-Director for the program. 

Please consider enrolling or share this opportunity with young people, your male family members or friends that may be interested in a program like this. It is quite the time commitment, but it’s well worth it! Applications can also be filled out online http://goo.gl/forms/Kfu1eDAw8c and should be completed no later than Tuesday, March 1. 

If you cannot meet the application deadline, please contact us or let YC know that you found out about the program through CAIR-AL and are interested in an extension. 



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