DMV Community Update

Dear Friend,

Assalamu alaikum (peace be upon you).

Every time that our constitutional rights are challenged, we must stand up to defend them. This is vital for the well-being of our community and all marginalized communities.

In March, six Muslim women from the Huntsville area, who wore the hijab, were denied religious accommodations for driver’s license photos. Such religious accommodations are a constitutionally protected right. The authorities at several Madison County license offices cited a new rule that required revealing the ears in photos. They instructed the women to pull back their hijabs noticeably past their hairlines, in violation of both the U.S. and Alabama constitutions.

These Muslim women stood up for their rights and contacted CAIR-Alabama.
We prepared to take legal action with a demand letter notifying the heads of Alabama's law enforcement and license agencies. We spelled out the violations taking place at state governmental agencies and demanded they be rectified without delay. 
Constitutional rights were restored. The Alabama License Enforcement Agency (ALEA) conceded to violations, sharing the official photo-ID policy, including images of permissible photos of women wearing religious head coverings. The six Madison County women, and other Muslim women throughout Alabama, will now be able to have driver's licenses issued with their photos in full head scarves. 

Know Your Rights. If you are a first time driver's license applicant or are renewing your license, please know that under Alabama law you are allowed to take driver's license photographs with your religious head covering. We urge you to contact us at 205-531-7766 or if you are prevented from doing so. Stand up for your rights, in every situation. We are here to defend them. 

In solidarity,

Your team at CAIR-Alabama