SECURITY ALERT: Be Proudly and SAFELY Muslim

Dear Friend,

Assalamu Alaikum (peace be upon you).

By now, you must have heard about what happened over the weekend. In Virginia, a man wielding a baseball bat attacked a group of American Muslim teenagers, kidnapped one of them, and beat her to death.

Less than a day later, a man crashed a van into a crowd of British Muslims outside a London mosque after taraweeh prayers.

We pray that God grants instant Paradise to those who were killed, swiftly heals those who were injured, and delivers justice to those responsible for the violence.

If these crimes make you sad, angry, or afraid, you're not alone. But we must not allow sadness, anger, or fear to paralyze us. We must remain proudly and publicly Muslim.

Indeed, if it's your habit to visit the masjid for the five daily prayers, continue to do so. If you want to sport a beard, go for it. If you wear a hijab or a flowing abaya, more power to you. 
But we must also be safely Muslim.

To that end, please refer to CAIR's guide, Best Practices to Mosque and Community SafetyThe security guide covers everything from personal safety tips to masjid security. Please review it, especially if you lead an organization or a masjid.

Secondly, send us an email if you would like to arrange a self-defense seminarled by a personal safety and security expert at your masjid or organization. 

Finally, if you are the leader of a masjid or organization, contact us to schedule a security training and assessment for your facility through the Department of Justice if you have not done so already.
May God protect us all from the threat of violence.

In solidarity,

Your team at CAIR-Alabama