Senate Primaries

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The 2017 election cycle presents the American Muslim community with an important opportunity to increase its political capacity and presence. Today is the Senate primary for the special election to vote for the candidate who will replace Jeff Sessions. Have you voted yet?

If you don't know where your polling place is, click here. And remember, Alabama has an open primary system, so even if you're not a registered Democrat or Republican, you can still vote.

If you don't know who to vote for, we've written a guide intended to provide general information that we hope will assist you in better understanding the attitudes of elected officials towards key issues. CAIR-Alabama makes no claims as to the favorability of one candidate being elected over another. There are 7 Democrats and 9 Republicans running. No candidate in either party has polled above 50 percent in a public opinion poll, as of August 13, 2017. We encourage readers to further research all their options before supporting any particular candidate.


Will Boyd
Formerly an engineer, now a pastor. His top priorities are investing in infrastructure projects, increasing the minimum wage, securing equal pay for women, and championing racial equality.

Jason Fisher
Business executive at a marketing firm. He is focused on providing healthcare for all, defending those with disabilities, strengthening public education, empowering the middle class, investing in green energy and technology, achieving comprehensive immigration reform, and addressing gerrymandering.

Michael Hansen
Director of a nonprofit health advocacy organization. He is passionate about implementing a single-payer healthcare system, increasing the minimum wage, strengthening public education, defending the LGBT community, investing in clean energy jobs and combating climate change, ending mass incarceration, and achieving comprehensive immigration reform.

Doug Jones
A former U.S. Attorney. He’s famous for prosecuting the bombers of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. He advocates for supporting small business, strengthening public education, finding cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels and re-training those in the coal industry, and defending women’s rights and health.

Other Democratic candidates include: Vann CaldwellRobert Kennedy Jr., and Charles Nana.


Mo Brooks
Congressman for Alabama’s 5th Congressional District. He supports building a wall on the southern border and reducing all immigration. Brooks has claimed, “Islam inspires people to hate and kill homosexuals, kill people and for that matter, other non-Muslim peoples.”

Roy Moore
Former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, first removed, then suspended. He has called Islam “a false religion” and believes it is incompatible with the Constitution of the United States.

Trip Pittman
Small business owner. Advocates for rural farmers and veterans, a stronger military to engage in new types of conflict, and wall on the southern border.

Luther Strange
Former Alabama Attorney General and current U.S. Senator. He proposes building a wall on the southern border and banning all refugees from what he calls “terrorist countries.”

Other Republican candidates include: James Beretta, Joseph Breault, Randy BrinsonMary Maxwell,and Byran Peeples.

Polls are open until 7:00pm tonight. So if you haven't done so already, get out there and VOTE!

If no candidate receives a majority of the votes, there will be a runoff election on September 26th. The general election will be on December 12th.

In solidarity,

Your team at CAIR-Alabama

CAIR Alabama