Senator Doug Jones Visits an Alabama Mosque


Dear Friends,

Last weekend, CAIR-Alabama hosted Senator Doug Jones for a community visit and Iftar at Hoover Crescent Islamic Center. Muslims came from all over Alabama to listen to the Senator address issues like his recent vote to confirm a controversial candidate and to ask him about ways to combat Islamophobia. It was the first time an Alabama senator visited a mosque and it presented a historic opportunity for the Muslim community to engage with their elected official.


CAIR-Alabama is proud to provide the Muslim community with events like this to increase civic participation, but we cannot do so without your support. As we enter the last 10 days of Ramadan, we invite you to give your zakat and sadaqa donations to help our Muslim community continue organizing and becoming more visible so that we can make a difference in Alabama and America.

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Finally, don't forget that today is election day in Alabama! Voters will head to the polls for the primaries to select their party's candidates for the midterm elections later this year. Click here to see where your polling location is and go vote!

Thank you for your support and remember to stay civically engaged!

In solidarity,

Your team at CAIR-Alabama