Trust EO Post-Conference

Advocacy Groups and Community Members Urge Mayor Woodfin to Adopt "Fostering Trust and Promoting Public Safety" Order

(BIRMINGHAM, AL, 8/02/2018) - The Alabama Chapter of Council on American-Islamic Relations, nation's largest Muslim civil rights group, and Adelante Alabama Workers Center, along with coalition partners, faith and civic community leaders gathered outside of City Hall on Tuesday to call on Mayor Woodfin to take action on the proposed " Fostering Trust and Promoting Public Safety and Civil Rights for All City Residents" order. 

The order would prevent Birmingham from expending its own local resources on enforcing federal immigration policies. In addition to saving the city money, this policy would also promote trust in local law enforcement and protect public safety for all residents, regardless of immigration status. It does not interfere with any state or federal laws. 

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Advocacy groups in the coalition have been working with the Mayor on the proposed executive order since April. 

In a statement to the media, the Mayor's Office said, "We are dedicated to protecting and serving all the people of Birmingham. We remain steadfast in our commitment to all who call our city home."

"We are living at a time of serious distrust in our government which is championing callous policies and abusing its authority against its own people" said Khaula Hadeed, Executive Director of CAIR-Alabama. "Mayor Woodfin has a unique opportunity to revive hope and we are eager to work with him to do that."

She added, "This order sets a policy that fosters trust, builds community, and prevents waste of our city government resources for deeply misguided, xenophobic, biased, and counterproductive federal actions. We are asking our Mayor to heed the call of the hour and support, protect, and stand with us and with all of his people."

"Birmingham began as a city of immigrants," said Scott Douglas, Executive Director of Greater Birmingham Ministries. "We are a beacon for the Civil Rights Movement but we are also a globally acknowledged, nationally recognized contributor to human rights—that means all human beings. We’re at our best when we lead Alabama, not when we follow it. Again, Birmingham must take the lead."


"Birmingham has two choices. It can follow in the footsteps of other large cities in the south like Orlando, FL, and enact a Trust Executive Order that protects all its residents, promotes public safety, and uses city resources for the people of this city to strengthen the deep cultural fabric that exists in our region. Or, it can follow in the footsteps of Miami-Dade County, which caved to pressure from the federal government to comply with ICE detainers, and is currently defending itself in two different federal lawsuits for violating the constitutional rights of immigrants and citizens by following that policy," said Isabel Otero with the Southern Poverty Law Center.

She added, "We don’t expect Birmingham’s city police officers to enforce federal tax law, so why should we expect them to enforce federal civil immigration law? The Trust Executive Order will protect the city from lawsuits and protect its residents’ constitutional rights. We support it."

Martez Files, with Black Lives Matter said, "Safety and protection for immigrant and Muslim folks in no way conflicts with Black liberation. In fact, it is in concert with it. There is an interconnected liberation that comes with refusing militarized enforcement. Today, Mayor Randall Woodfin needs to sign the "Fostering Trust and Promoting Public Safety and Civil Rights for All City Residents" executive order. It can be signed this day, this hour, this minute, this second."


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