Anti-Muslim Protests

Dear Community Members,
This email is a community service announcement on anti-Muslim rallies planned for the upcoming weekend outside several mosques nationwide.
The purpose is to respond to some of the community's concerns and answer questions that may arise.
CAIR-AL advises and encourages community members to remain calm and not be deterred from going about their daily lives or attend worship services. However, as responsible citizens we recommend taking reasonable precautions as you would under other similar circumstances.
Both federal and local law enforcement agencies are aware of the impending threat that some mosques are under and have taken proactive and necessary steps to respond to the situation. They continue to monitor the group that has announced and organized these rallies.
What you should know?
Huntsville Islamic Center (HIC) is currently listed as the designated site for protest in Alabama. The Islamic Center’s leadership is in contact with law enforcement, monitoring the situation, and preparing for any eventualities.
No other site in Alabama is under threat of protest. CAIR-AL and law enforcement agencies continue to monitor the situation.

People have a constitutional right to assemble and protest, even if the reason for their protest is hateful. However, they do not have the right to threaten you or your community, harm anyone, or damage your property.
What you can do?
In case of an impromptu rally or a couple of folks showing up outside your mosque, school, or community center

  • You can contact your local Police Department and make them aware of your concerns.

  • Educate your community in regard to steps you have taken and the resources that are available to them.

  • Be aware of your surroundings while attending services and quickly report any suspicious behavior, activity, and people.

  • Contact your local law enforcement agencies to monitor any threats or other negative behavior.

  • Do not engage with protestors. This includes speaking to them, arguing, or approaching them where they stand. It's best to simply ignore them and go about your business.

  • If you see anything that makes you feel threatened, call 911 immediately!

CAIR also publishes "Best Practices for Mosque and Community Safety". In light of a rise in recent anti-Muslim incidents nationwide it is important to prepare for mosque safety. A free copy of the booklet can be requested by going to:  
Contact your Mosque leadership and CAIR-AL so that we can ensure that any protests are handled in an appropriate manner.
We hope you will have a safe and restful weekend! If you have any questions or additional concerns, please contact CAIR-AL at 334-603-2030 or by email at

Khaula Hadeed
Executive Director