Farewell Message from Founding Executive Director, Khaula Hadeed


During these last three years, I have had the privilege and honor of serving as the founding executive director of CAIR-Alabama. As my time comes to an end, I think of the wonderful and courageous people I have come to know in every corner of Alabama. Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, you have been strong, dignified, and full of honor in facing challenges.

In 2005, when I arrived in Union Springs, Alabama, little did I know that not only would I complete my education in Alabama but that I would be able to pursue my calling to stand for dignity and respect for all people and in turn stand for empowerment of the Muslim community. 

It has been humbling and rewarding beyond words to travel to masjids, churches, Jewish centers, university campuses, and schools all across this beautiful state. Along the way one thing has been clear; there have been many faithful friends, benevolent partners, and sincere well-wishers who stood and stand in solidarity with us.

I have been preparing to hand off my duties to new leadership in anticipation that our community will grow stronger and rise higher in pursuing the noble cause of standing up for justice even when it’s hard and inconvenient.

I have the good fortune to introduce Omar Yousef Shehabi, who is in-line to take the reins as new executive director with full vigor. I find great comfort in knowing that under the new executive director at CAIR-Alabama, our community will be well served.

I have had the great honor of working alongside an incredibly dedicated staff who have served and contributed to the absolute fullest. I would like to also thank the myriad volunteers and supporters of our organization. Additionally, I am deeply grateful to and for the teachers, mentors, partners, and colleagues both within and outside CAIR and the Muslim community who led in the quest to serve and in pursuit of our mutual passion of promoting equal justice, respect, and dignity for all.

Finally, I would like to express the deepest affection and gratitude to my community for their unwavering, unconditional and unlimited support, for without that and indeed without them, we would not have been able to accomplish much.


After this, there is only better to come, inshaAllah.


With warmest wishes,
Khaula Hadeed

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