Know Your Rights as an Immigrant

CAIR Know You Rights.jpg

If you are a green card or visa holder who is planning to take a trip out of the country, contact an immigration attorney before traveling.

Do not apply for any immigration benefit without first contacting an immigration attorney for review of the immigration.

You have the right to remain silent. You may refuse to speak to immigration officers.

Feel free to save and print out the Know Your Rights and My Constitutional Rights Card to the left or download to print here.

Don't answer any questions. You may also say that you want to remain silent. Don't say anything about where you were born or how you entered the U.S. Show the Know Your Rights Card if an immigration officer stops you.

You have the right to speak to a lawyer. Simply say, "I need to talk to my lawyer" or hand them the Know Your Rights Card.

Do not open your door unless ICE provides a warrant signed by a judge. If an immigration officer wants to show you a warrant, the officer can hold it against a window or slide it under the door. To be valid, the warrant must have your correct name and address on it.

Keep any valid immigration documents you have with you at all times (ex: green card or work permit). Do not carry documents from another country with you (ex: foreign passport or birth certificate). Keep all foreign papers in a safe place and make sure a family member or friend can get them if necessary.